Established in 1971

The South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA) and its journal South Asia were both formally established in 1971. They were the outcomes of the growth in teaching and research on South Asia that had developed over the previous 15 years.

The South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA) is the  oldest formally constituted body of scholars of South Asian Studies in the world. The Association was formed in 1969 by a network of scholars in Australia and New Zealand to serve as the peak professional association for scholars, practitioners and students teaching and researching in the humanities and the social sciences with a focus or interest in South Asia.

SASAA draws its members from all across the globe and provides scholars and students of South Asian studies with opportunities for international collaboration and professional development through the organisation of seminars, workshops, publications and conferences.

The Association’s internationally renowned journal, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, was founded in 1971 and publishes cutting edge, multi-disciplinary humanities and social science research in the field of South Asian studies.

SASAA offers funding opportunities for scholars, students and institutions to further the dissemination of knowledge, information and scholarship on South Asia. The Association also co-sponsors South Asian Studies events hosted by organisations and institutions throughout the broader academic community in Australia.

For more information about the South Asian Studies Association of Australia, please contact the Executive Officer.

Past Presidents

Marjorie Jacobs
Peter Reeves
Don Ferrell
Sinnapah Arasaratnam
Jim Masselos
Tim Scrase
Marika Vicziany
Michael Gillan
Priya Chacko

Honorary Life Members

Marjorie Jacobs
Denis Wright
Jim Masselos
Howard Brasted
Robin Jeffrey
Marika Vicziany
Frank Conlon
Vivien Seyler
Ian Copland